Axel from Thomas & Friends: The Speedy Engine


Axel of Belgium

Meet Axel, the Lightning Bolt of Belgium!

Axel is a sleek and streamlined steam engine who hails from Belgium. He's a fan favorite among Thomas & Friends viewers, known for his love of speed and competitive spirit.

All About Axel

  • First Appearance: Axel made his debut in season 19 of Thomas & Friends, in the episode "The Great Race."

  • Personality: Confident and boastful, Axel takes pride in his speed and enjoys a good challenge.

  • Skills and Abilities: Built for racing, Axel excels on the tracks. He thrives in competitive situations and loves putting his speed to the test.

  • Relationships: During "The Great Race," Axel interacts with Thomas and other international engines like Gordon and Etienne. He seems to have a friendly rivalry with them, particularly Etienne, another fast engine.

  • Memorable Moment: In "Axel Goes to the Mountains," Axel encounters a situation where speed isn't everything. He demonstrates the value of teamwork by helping a stranded electric engine by pulling its train through the mountains.

Here's some additional trivia you might find interesting:
  • Axel's design is likely inspired by high-speed European trains, with his streamlined shape and prominent smokestack.

  • Voices: In the UK version of the show, Axel is voiced by Ben Small. In the US version, he's voiced by William Hope.

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