Belle is a brave big blue engine from Thomas & Friends


Belle is a brave big blue engine

Belle the brave big blue engine joined the Search and Rescue Team on the Island of Sodor. She is very special because she helps to put out fires! Her color is blue with red and brass fittings with the number 6120 on her sides. This number is painted in gold and she wears a special crest that has the symbol of fire, dolphins and a crown.

Belle has two water cannons located above her boiler so shoot water to put out fires and she has a brass bell and whistle too! Above her face are electric headlamps located on her buffer beam to light the way at night time. She is modeled after a British Railway Standard 2-6-4 Class 4MT engine. Brave Belle makes her appearance in the movie Day of the Diesels along with other new engines who are Den, Dart and Flynn!

  • Gender: Female
  • Role: Member of the Search and Rescue Team
  • Appearance: Bold, big, and fitted with water cannons atop her tanks.
  • Colors: Blue with a big brass bell.
  • Personality: Lively, loud, and proud.
  • Best Friends: She befriended Toby, another engine with a bell.
  • Team: Belle is part of the Search and Rescue Team.
  • Other Team Members: Flynn (another fire engine) is also on the team.
  • Movies: Belle has appeared in various episodes but not in standalone movies.
  • Model: Based on the BR Standard 4MT Tank locomotive.
  • Unique Features: Water cannons and her distinctive bell.

Belle is a brave big blue engine

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