Bill and Ben twin tank engines from Thomas & Friends


Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben are twin tank engines that work for the Sodor China Clay Company at Brendam Docks. These twins are identical in every way and are painted amber with four black wheels. They each have their names attached to their sides over brown nameplates.

Ben likes teasing the other engines in the Railway and enjoys being mischievous.


Bill and Ben are modeled after two 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Engines built by Bagnall's of Stafford that worked at Par in Cornwall named Alfred and Judy. Above the front of their faces are the words Brendam Bay and the letters SCC written on both sides.

On special occasions Sir Topham Hatt allows the twins to take BoCo's heavy goods train and running Brake Van Specials for visitors who may visit the quarries to see the twins.

Bill and Ben

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