Bulgy the Double Decker Bus from Thomas & Friends



Bulgy the Double Decker Bus is known to have a bad temper and can be miserable but does like to say Free the roads! Bulgy is good friends with Diesel who he gets along with. At one time he wore a sign that read Join the Anti-Rail League. Bulgy is very similar in style to a AEC Routemaster bus.

There are two Bulgy Double Decker Buses to collect, a red one and a green one!


Bulgy was originally painted green and was later changed to red and cream. His features are characteristic of a typical omnibus of the 1930's and 1940's. At one time Bulgy used to be a hen house but now he is being used as a refreshment stand hoping to be restored one day. Bulgy made his appearance in Bulgy and Bulgy Rides Again.

Bulgy Collectibles

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