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Connor streamlined tender engine

Meet Connor, the streamlined tender engine

Connor is a sleek and swift aquamarine streamlined tender engine from the North Western Railway, renowned for his impressive speed and elegant design. Originally hailing from the United States, Connor now races along the tracks of the Island of Sodor, delighting in friendly competitions with his best friend, Caitlin. With his own matching rake of coaches, Connor embodies the spirit of efficiency and excitement. His energetic and occasionally smug personality adds a dynamic flair to his interactions with other engines. Modeled after the iconic NYC J-3a Hudson locomotive, Connor stands out not just for his capabilities but also for his charming presence on the rails.

All About Connor

  • Name: Connor
  • Gender: Male
  • Country of Origin: England (formerly from the United States)
  • Affiliation: North Western Railway, Ulfstead Castle
  • Appearance:
    • Connor is a streamlined engine designed and built for speed.
    • He has his own rake of coaches painted in the same livery as him.
    • His color is aquamarine.
  • Personality:
    • Connor is excitable, energetic, and loves to race other engines.
    • Unlike Caitlin, he is better at being patient, especially when he has passengers.
    • He can come across as somewhat smug but is friendly overall.
  • Technical Details:
    • Basis: Connor is based on the NYC J-3a Hudson, a famous streamlined locomotive.
    • His basis was built by the Alco - Schenectady in the United States.
    • Connor's top speed is an impressive 123 mph (197.95 kph).
  • Appearances:
    • Connor first appeared in the special "King of the Railway" (2013).
    • He has been part of various episodes and adventures on Sodor.
  • Unique Features: Connor's streamlined design and high-speed capabilities make him stand out among the engines.

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