Millie from Thomas & Friends


Millie the French narrow gauge engine

Meet Millie, the French narrow gauge engine from France!

Meet Millie, the cheerful and industrious French narrow gauge engine from the Island of Sodor. With her charming French accent and bright smile, Millie is a beloved member of the railway community. Her petite size belies her mighty spirit, as she fearlessly tackles any task thrown her way. Whether she's bustling about the Blue Mountain Quarry or racing through the lush countryside, Millie's enthusiasm for adventure is boundless. With her trusty sidecar, she zooms along the tracks, spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes. With a heart as big as her wheels, Millie proves that even the smallest engine can make a big impact on Sodor.

All About Millie

  • Name: Millie
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: She's a light blue well-tank engine.
  • Country: Island of Sodor (formerly from France)
  • Residence: Ulfstead Castle
  • Duties: Millie assists the groundskeeper and takes visitors on tours of the estate.
  • Appearance: She is a light blue well-tank engine with a narrow gauge.
  • Best Friends: Millie has made friends with other engines, including Luke and Glynn.
  • Team Membership: She is part of the Estate Railway team at Ulfstead Castle.
  • Other Team Members:
    • Luke: Another narrow gauge engine who swapped jobs with Millie.
    • Glynn: A coffee pot engine who arrived on the Estate Railway.
  • Movies: Millie appeared in the movie "King of the Railway".
  • Favorite Quote: While there isn't a specific favorite quote attributed to Millie, she is known for her resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Model: Millie is based on the Decauville No. 8069 Tabamar, a real narrow gauge locomotive.
  • Unique/Special Traits: Millie's loyalty to Sir Robert Norramby and her close relationship with him make her unique. She also has her own set of open-topped carriages for estate tours.

Millie's cheerful personality and dedication to her duties make her a beloved character in the Thomas & Friends universe!

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