Paxton from Thomas & Friends


Paxton the green diesel engine

Meet Paxton, the green diesel engine!

Introducing Paxton, the amiable green diesel engine hailing from the picturesque Island of Sodor. Paxton embodies kindness and goodwill as he tirelessly performs his duties as a diesel shunter. Sporting a vibrant green hue adorned with black and yellow accents, Paxton's appearance mirrors his cheerful disposition. Despite lacking a specific engine number, Paxton's presence at the Blue Mountain Quarry and Vicarstown Dieselworks makes him an integral part of Sodor's bustling railway community. With a penchant for camaraderie, Paxton forms strong bonds with fellow engines, particularly his close friend Thomas. His endearing nature, coupled with occasional gullibility, adds depth to his character, making Paxton a beloved figure among fans of Thomas & Friends.

All About Paxton

  • Gender: Male
  • Type: He's a diesel shunter.
  • Colors: Green with black and yellow details.
  • Origin: Paxton started on the Mainland and was later transferred to Sodor.
  • Best Friends: He gets along well with other engines, especially Thomas.
  • Team: Paxton works at the Blue Mountain Quarry and is part of the Vicarstown Dieselworks.
  • Other Team Members: He interacts with various engines, including Diesel.
  • Movies: Paxton appears in the TV series but not in standalone movies.
  • Favorite Quote: "Puff" means steam, which he learned from Thomas.
  • Model: Based on a British Rail Class 08 Diesel-Electric Shunter.
  • Unique Feature: He's good-hearted and well-meaning, but sometimes gullible and easily misled.

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