Riff from Thomas & Friends



Meet Riff, the red electric engine!

Riff and Jiff are a pair of red electric engines from The Mainland who visited the Island of Sodor to compete for the seventy-seventh Sodor Cup. They won the All Around the World Race the prior year. Riff is yellow, and Jiff is green. They have cheerful personalities, great sportsmanship, and act friendly towards other competitors. Their design is freelance, and they have no known specific basis. Both engines are painted red with maroon skirting. Jiff has turquoise wheels and lining, while Riff has yellow wheels and lining with pink and yellow stars. They appeared in the Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go series and have been featured in songs and videos. Unfortunately, there are no specific favorite quotes or movies associated with them, but their positive attitude and unique color schemes make them stand out on Sodor!

All About Riff

  • Name: Riff
  • Gender: Male
  • Type: Train (specifically, a railcar)
  • Colors: Riff is primarily yellow with black and blue accents.
  • Origin: Riff is part of the "Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go" series, introduced as a member of the "Rainbow Railcar" band along with his twin brother, Jiff.
  • Best Friends: Riff's best friend and constant companion is his twin brother, Jiff.
  • Team Affiliation: Riff is part of the Rainbow Railcar band, often performing and traveling with Jiff.
  • Movies: Riff has not appeared in any specific Thomas & Friends movies but is part of the newer episodes of the "Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go" series.
  • Favorite Quotes or Sayings: Riff does not have any specific catchphrases, but he and his brother Jiff are known for their musical performances and often speak in rhythmic and musical terms.
  • Model: Riff is modeled after a light railcar, a smaller type of train used for short passenger trips and often seen in urban or suburban rail systems.
  • Unique or Special Traits: Riff is unique for being part of a musical duo with his twin brother Jiff. They are characterized by their musical talents and love for performing, bringing a fun and energetic vibe to the series. Their designs are more stylized compared to the traditional trains in the Thomas & Friends series, reflecting the more playful and creative approach of the "All Engines Go" reboot.

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