Ryan from Thomas & Friends


Ryan a purple tank engine

Meet Ryan, Ryan is a purple tank engine who works on the Harwick Branch Line.

Meet Ryan, the purple tank engine from the enchanting world of "Thomas & Friends." Ryan serves as a dedicated goods engine on the Harwick Branch Line, where he navigates his duties with reliability and charm. Although he doesn't boast a specific engine number, Ryan's role is pivotal in ensuring smooth operations along the railway. Introduced in the special "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure," Ryan brings a unique blend of affability and aspiration to the series, aspiring to be a hero while embodying kindness and helpfulness in his interactions with fellow engines and friends.


Ryan is a purple tank engine.


He runs the Harwick Branch Line as a goods engine.


Ryan doesn't have a specific number.


Ryan was brought to help run Thomas' Branch Line while Thomas assisted at the construction yard during the building of the Harwick Branch Line.

Best Friends

While Ryan doesn't have a specific best friend, he interacts with various characters in the series.


Ryan collaborates with other engines, including Daisy.


Ryan made his debut in the special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


Ryan doesn't have any famous quotes, but he's an affable engine who tries to be kind and helpful.


Ryan is based on the GNR Class N2/1 tank locomotive.


Ryan wishes to be a hero but isn't as brave as he'd like to be. He still tries his best to help others.

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