Sam from Thomas & Friends


Sam the tender engine

Meet Sam, the giant American tender engine!

Sam, the giant American tender engine, is a remarkable character in the beloved series "Thomas & Friends." With his striking Persian green and black paint, Sam stands out not just for his massive size and strength, but also for his friendly and helpful nature. Hailing from the Virginian Railway in the United States, Sam made his debut on Sodor as part of the Sodor Story Collection, quickly becoming an integral part of the island's construction projects. Known for his willingness to assist fellow engines and his big heart, Sam's adventures, including his appearance in "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure," showcase his unique attributes and enduring charm.

  • Name and Number: Sam is a giant American tender engine. His number is 906.
  • Type: Sam is a super-sized and super-strong steam locomotive.
  • Colors: He's painted in Persian green and black with white lining.
  • Origin: Sam hails from the Virginian Railway in the United States.
  • Best Friends: Although not explicitly mentioned, Sam is friendly with other engines on Sodor.
  • Team Affiliation: He's part of the Sodor Story Collection and helps with construction projects.
  • Other Team Members: Sam worked alongside Logan during their time on Sodor.
  • Movies: Sam appears in "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure" during an adventure with Thomas.
  • Favorite Quotes: While Sam doesn't have specific quotes, his big heart drives him to help fellow engines.
  • Model: Sam is based on the Virginian Railway Class AG, also known as the "Blue Ridge."
  • Unique Trait: His massive size and strength make him stand out on Sodor!

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