Samson from Thomas & Friends


Samson the tank engine

Meet Samson, a distinctive dark teal tank engine!

From the Mainland arrives Samson, a distinctive dark teal tank engine with a personality that's as strong as his appearance. Let's explore his journey on the Island of Sodor! The Island of Sodor welcomes a new engine with a spirit as strong as his presence: Samson! This dark teal tank engine from the Mainland boasts a unique design and an even bolder personality. Arriving for a dinosaur delivery but getting sidetracked with a detour (and perhaps a hint of overconfidence!), Samson quickly learns the value of both independence and teamwork. Now a proud member of the construction crew, Samson tackles projects with unwavering determination, always accompanied by his trusty brake van, Bradford. Join us as we delve deeper into Samson's story and discover the strength, confidence, and quirks that make him a truly unforgettable character!

All About Samson

  • Name: Samson
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Samson cuts an imposing figure. He's a tank engine without a cab, painted in a dark teal color, making him stand out from the usual engines on Sodor.
  • Origin: Samson's first Sodor adventure began with a delivery of dinosaur models from the Mainland to Ulfstead Castle. However, his independent spirit led him astray, resulting in an unplanned overnight stay at the Blue Mountain Quarry before reaching his destination.
  • Personality: Proud and confident, Samson can sometimes come across as a bit stubborn. He often tackles challenges head-on, preferring to rely on his own strength rather than ask for help or advice.
  • Best Friend: Despite his self-assured nature, Samson finds companionship in his trusty brake van, Bradford.
  • Team Membership: Samson works alongside the construction team, applying his strength and determination to various projects on the Island of Sodor.
  • Movies: While a solo movie might be a future dream, Samson has made his mark in numerous episodes of the Thomas & Friends TV series.
  • Unique Traits: Confidence bordering on overconfidence is one of Samson's defining characteristics. He believes himself to be the strongest engine on the Island. His design is inspired by the real-life Barclay & Co. No. 214 locomotive.

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