Scruff from Thomas & Friends


Scruff boiler tank engine

Meet Scruff, the vertical boiler tank engine!

Scruff is a unique and endearing character from the beloved children's series "Thomas & Friends." Known for his distinctive chartreuse color and boxy shape, Scruff is a vertical boiler tank engine who works diligently at Whiff's Waste Dump. Despite his nickname "Scruffy," Scruff takes pride in his work, preferring the grime and grit of the waste dump over a clean and polished look. His friendly and hardworking nature, along with his close bond with Whiff, makes him a beloved character on the Island of Sodor.

Let's explore the world of Scruff from "Thomas & Friends."

Name and Number

Scruff is a boxy tank engine who works at Whiff's Waste Dump. His nickname is "Scruffy."


Scruff is a vertical boiler tank engine, specifically a Sentinel 100 HP BE Type shunter.


He's chartreuse (a yellow-green color) and has a boxy shape.


Scruff was brought to Sodor to work at Whiff's Waste Dump.

Best Friends

He enjoys working with Whiff, another engine at the waste dump.

Team Affiliation

Scruff is part of the team at Whiff's Waste Dump.

Other Team Members

Whiff is his main companion at the dump.


Scruff appears in various episodes of the TV series, including "Thomas and Scruff."

Favorite Quotes

While Scruff doesn't have specific quotes, he's content with "scrunching" and shunting rubbish wagons.


Scruff is based on a real-world Sentinel 9369 0-4-0 Industrial Locomotive.

Unique Trait

His refusal to be cleaned and preference for getting dirty make him stand out!

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