Thomas train replacement parts


Thomas replacement parts

This is a picture guide for repairing Thomas Tomy and Thomas Trackmaster trains and coaches with broken or stretched Hook & Eye Couplings or Couplers.

There are four simple steps to follow to replace Thomas train parts.

1. Remove screw
2. Separate train or coach
3. Replace broken hook or eye coupling
4. Connect train again and tighten screw

Damaged Tomy coach with broken hook coupler

Broken hook coupler

Thomas train parts

Tools required are Phillips head screw driver and hook coupling part

Remove screw and separate the coach

View of separated coach with replacement hook coupling

Repaired Tomy coach

Repaired Tomy coach

While most of the Tomy or Trackmaster trains and coaches can be repaired with standard hook & eye couplings there are some engines like Emily, Harvey, Molly and Murduch which require thicker type couplings because they are two piece engines pulling an extra car which holds the battery.

Molly and Murdoch Trackmaster Engines with thicker couplings Harvey Trackmaster Engine thicker couplings Emily Trackmaster Engine with thicker couplings

Thomas train replacement parts

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