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The Partner in Blue: Unveiling Beppe, Thomas & Friends' Italian Coach

Beppe is a small coach from Italy who is a blue colored coach designed to resemble classic Italian passenger carriages who collaborates with Lorenzo, his best friend in the Thomas & Friends series. Here are some details about Beppe:
  • First Appearance: Beppe made his debut in the episode titled "All Tracks Lead to Rome" (2019).
  • Last Appearance: His final appearance was in the episode "Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day" (2020).
  • Background: When Lorenzo got lost in the Old Italian Mines, Beppe also became lost with him. Fortunately, they were later discovered by Thomas and rescued by Stefano after being left hanging over a cliff by the sea.
  • Personality: Beppe is well-behaved, always in a musical mood, and loves to sensationalize situations. He idolizes Lorenzo and the two often break out into song. Beppe sings the bass notes to Lorenzo's tenor voice. Despite his small size, Beppe believes in being useful and has Lorenzo's back, although he also sees Gina as a good substitute.
  • Superstitions: Beppe greatly believes in superstitions, including luck. He and Lorenzo engage in various superstitious practices, such as turning right, holding their breath in tunnels, and wearing good luck charms.
  • Technical Details:
    • Basis: Beppe is based on the Turkish Sultan Abdulaziz's private coach, which was built in 1866 by the Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Company. The carriage was found abandoned in a shed and was later restored by the Rahmi M. KoÇ Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.
Beppe's operatic adventures alongside Lorenzo add a delightful touch to the Thomas & Friends series!

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