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From Italy with Steam: Unveiling Lorenzo, Thomas & Friends' Vintage Engine

Lorenzo is a fictional tender engine from Verona, Italy, featured in the Thomas & Friends series. Ciao, Lorenzo! Welcoming a Classic Engine to Thomas & Friends. Let's delve into some details about this operatic character:
  • First Appearance: Lorenzo made his debut in the episode titled "All Tracks Lead to Rome" in 2019.
  • Last Appearance: His final appearance was in the episode "Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day" in 2020.
  • Background: While searching for treasure alongside his coach, Beppe, Lorenzo wandered into an old mine. Unfortunately, he ran out of steam and became stuck there for years. His plight turned into a legendary tale above ground, serving as a cautionary example of curiosity. Thomas eventually found Lorenzo and Beppe in the same mine, and they were rescued just in time by Stefano. After being repaired, Lorenzo and Beppe resumed their duties on the Italian Railway.
  • Personality: Lorenzo is famous not only for his wandering curiosity but also for his intense love of opera singing. He relishes the sound of his own voice and craves attention, especially when singing operatic tunes with Beppe. Although his speaking voice is deep, Lorenzo possesses a classical tenor singing voice. His quests for fame can lead him to impulsive actions, often resulting in getting lost alongside Beppe.
  • Superstitions and Luck: Lorenzo highly believes in luck and superstitions. He and Beppe instantly recognize anything related to good or bad luck.
  • Technical Details:
    • Basis: Lorenzo is based on the FS Class 743, an Italian locomotive from Verona.
    • Configuration: He is a 2-8-0 tender engine.
    • Top Speed: Lorenzo can reach speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kph).
    • Fuel: His fuel type is coal.
    • Whistle: Lorenzo's whistle is the same as Rainbow Sun, Lexi, and Carlos' original whistle, but pitched four steps lower.
Lorenzo's operatic adventures and his bond with Beppe add a delightful touch to the world of Thomas & Friends! Lorenzo is similar to Hiro, in the case that both are old engines who were lost for many years until being rediscovered by Thomas and returned to service.

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