Hiro Master of the Rails from Thomas & Friends


Hiro master of the rails

Hiro is known as Master of the Railway and he is the oldest and strongest engines on the Island of Sodor. He is even stronger than Gordon! He was also the first steam engine to arrive on Sodor and his original home was Japan. Hiro is black with red wheels and his tender bares the number 51. Are there other Japanese engines? Yes, Kenji and Kana.


Hiro is modeled after on a JNR Class D51 2-8-2 Mikado type 2 from 1936-1951 which served in the Soviet Union. Hiro is the main character in the movie Hero of the Rails. Hiro has a very special friendship with Thomas.

Take along diecast Hiro Take along Hiro train TrackMaster Hiro with coal car

Hiro master of the rails

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