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Kana the Japanese bullet train

Meet Kana, the Japanese bullet train from Japan!

"Meet Kana, the lavender Japanese bullet train who calls the North Western Railway home. With her electric speed and sonic whistle, Kana leaves a trail of bending trees and telephone poles in her wake. She's not just about velocity, though-Kana cares deeply for her friends. Painted in medium lavender with white and yellow bands, she stands out on the tracks. As part of the 'Biggest Adventure Club,' Kana joins forces with Thomas, Percy, Nia, Diesel, Carly, Sandy, and Bruno. Together, they embark on exciting journeys across the Island of Sodor. Electric and unique, Kana is a high-speed force to be reckoned with!".

All About Kana

  • Personality: Kana crackles with electric speed, lets out a sonic whistle, and often causes trees and telephone poles to bend in her wake. She enjoys going fast and is always up for a game, but she also cares very much for her friends.
  • Appearance: Kana is painted medium lavender with white and yellow bands around her front and sides. She has yellow wheels and tinted-purple cab windows.
  • Origin: Kana is the first bullet train to live on Sodor.
  • Best Friends: Her best friends are Thomas, Percy, Nia, Diesel, Carly, Sandy, and Bruno.
  • Team: Kana is part of the "Biggest Adventure Club."
  • Appearances: Kana appears in the Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go TV series.
  • Catchphrase: Her catchphrase is "Electric!"
  • Inspiration: While Kana has no specific real-world basis, her design was inspired by the high-speed Shinkansen trains (better known as "Bullet Trains") of Japan. Unlike the real Shinkansen units, Kana lacks passenger windows and is powered by batteries rather than an overhead catenary.
  • Unique Features: Kana's wireless charging system and distinctive color scheme make her unique.
Kana pulls passenger coaches and cargo to destinations all over the Island of Sodor. Kids can even play with a motorized toy version of Kana on Thomas & Friends™ tracks! Are there other Japanese engines? Yes, Kenji and Hiro.

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