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Thomas & Friends first autistic character

Introducing Bruno: The Joyful Brake Car with a Unique Perspective

Introduction of Bruno: The beloved children's TV show "Thomas & Friends" is introducing its first autistic character, Bruno the Brake Car. Bruno will be voiced by nine-year-old actor Elliott Garcia, who is also autistic.

Debut in "Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!": Bruno will start appearing in episodes of the latest series, "Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!". He joins iconic characters like Percy and Gordon, as well as the legendary Thomas himself.

Unique Traits: Bruno rolls in reverse at the end of the train, giving him a unique perspective on the world. He loves schedules, routine, timetables, and when everything goes according to plan. Bruno also communicates his emotions by "flapping his ladders" and wears ear defenders when there are loud noises.

Collaboration and Representation: Mattel, the company behind "Thomas & Friends," worked with organizations like the National Autistic Society UK (NAS UK) and autistic writers to develop Bruno's character. While Bruno thoughtfully reflects some traits of autistic people, it's essential to remember that one animated character cannot fully represent the real-life experience of every autistic person.

Bruno, the first autistic character in "Thomas & Friends"

Name and Number: Bruno is a character from the "Thomas & Friends" series. He is a red autistic brake car with strong brakes who helps the engines with heavy deliveries. He doesn't have a specific engine number like some of the other characters.

Type of Vehicle: Bruno is a brake car (also known as a caboose). His role is vital in keeping big, heavy cargo steady with his strong brakes. He travels facing backwards at the rear of the train, which gives him a unique perspective on the world.

Colors and Appearance: Bruno is primarily red in color. His design is inspired by various wooden-bodied centre-cupola North American cabooses. These cabooses are commonly seen on freight trains in North America.

Origin: Bruno lives and works on the Island of Sodor. He's part of the North Western Railway (NWR) and resides in his own shed.
Best Friends and Team: While Bruno doesn't have a specific team, he interacts with other characters on Sodor. He's known for his smart, relaxed, and joyful personality. Bruno loves making puns and often uses comedy to get through difficult situations.

Movies and Appearances: Bruno appears in the latest series called "Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!". He joined Thomas, Percy, Annie, and Clarabel on the Christmas tour around Sodor while Gordon searched for a substitute Christmas tree. Later, he played a role in solving the mystery of the mines with the Biggest Adventure Club.

Favorite Quotes or Sayings: Bruno's humor shines through with lines like, "Give me a 'brake'! Get it?" He enjoys making puns and lightening the mood.

Model Basis: Bruno has no known specific basis, but his design draws inspiration from various wooden-bodied centre-cupola North American cabooses. These cabooses are commonly seen on freight trains in North America. The Sodor Line Cabooses, which appeared in Thomas & Friends books and merchandise, share a similar inspiration, although they have four wheels (known as a "Bobber Caboose") rather than eight like Bruno has.

Unique or Special Traits: Bruno's autism makes him detail-oriented and appreciative of routine. His perspective from the rear of the train adds a unique twist to his character.

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