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Ivan Diesel Shunter

Meet Ivan, The Charismatic Diesel Shunter

Meet Ivan, the crimson and blue diesel locomotive with a flair for comedy. Although he lacks a specific engine number like his steam-powered counterparts, Ivan is affectionately known as "Ivan" in the railway community. He's based on the real-world TGM23 class diesel shunter. Ivan's striking appearance features white lining, yellow running boards, and black wheels with white rims. But don't be fooled by his stern exterior-this locomotive has a talent for making everyone smile. Ivan's adventures take him to the Great Railway Show, where he competes alongside engines from around the world. Whether he's seconds away from setting a new shunting record or sharing witty banter with fellow trains, Ivan's charisma sets him apart. So hop aboard and join Ivan on his colorful railway journey.

  • Name and Number: Ivan is a diesel shunter. He doesn't have a specific number like the steam engines, but he's known as "Ivan" in the railway community.
  • Type and Origin: Ivan is a diesel locomotive. He is based on a TGM23 class diesel shunter.
  • Appearance: Ivan is painted crimson and blue with white lining. His running board is yellow, and he carries his name on the sides of his cab in white lettering. His wheels are black with white rims and blue counterweights.
  • Personality: Despite his stern appearance, Ivan is one of the most charismatic characters on the railway. He's a real comedian who can put a smile on everyone's face.
  • Great Railway Show: Ivan participated in the Great Railway Show at least twice. Once, he finished seconds away from setting a new world record in the shunting challenge. He also competed alongside other engines like Raul, Gina, Ashima, and Thomas.
  • Best Friends: While Ivan doesn't have a specific best friend, he interacts with various engines during his adventures.
  • Team Membership: Ivan is part of the Great Railway Show, where engines from around the world compete in different challenges.
  • Other Team Members: Some of the other engines in the Great Railway Show include Etienne, Rajiv, Shane, and Yong Bao.
  • Movies and Media: Ivan has appeared in various episodes, specials, and music videos. For instance, you can find him in "The Great Race" and "Grudge Match" (stock footage cameo).
  • Model Basis: Ivan is based on a real-world TGM23 class diesel shunter.
  • Unique Traits: Ivan's charisma and his role as the only diesel locomotive competing in the Great Railway Show make him quite special.

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