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Rajiv Indian tank engine

Meet Rajiv, an Indian tank engine from India!

Rajiv is a character from "Thomas & Friends" who is based on a Char Bagh Railway engine from India. Rajiv is a streamlined, silver tank engine with a number 101. He is painted in a sleek silver color with blue and red accents. Rajiv is known for his speed and agility, and he takes great pride in his appearance and abilities. He is particularly close with Thomas, Percy, and Nia. While Rajiv is not part of a specific team, he often collaborates with other engines on various tasks and adventures. Are there other trains from India? Yes, Ashima.

Rajiv appeared in "Big World! Big Adventures!" (2018), where he played a significant role alongside Thomas and other engines. As for favorite quotes or catchphrases, specific ones are not documented for Rajiv. In terms of basis and modeling, Rajiv is inspired by real-life Indian railway engines. His streamlined design and unique features make him stand out among the other engines on Sodor. Rajiv brings a touch of international flair to the world of "Thomas & Friends" with his Indian heritage and personality.
  • Name and Gender: Rajiv is a male well tank engine.
  • Appearance and Colors: He is painted in a vibrant light turquoise color with gold and copper accents. Rajiv has a crown on his smokebox door, which adds to his distinctive appearance.
  • Origin and Affiliation: Rajiv usually transports passengers and goods from Kolkata to the north of India on the East Indian Railway.
  • Great Railway Show Participation: Rajiv was invited to participate in the Great Railway Show on the Mainland. He competed in the Best Decorated Engine Parade alongside other engines like Carlos, Yong Bao, James, and Emily. To everyone's surprise, Rajiv was declared the winner of the event, much to James' disappointment.
  • Reunion with Thomas: After the Great Railway Show ended, Rajiv returned to India. When Thomas visited the Indian Railway, he was reunited with his friend Ashima and formally introduced to Rajiv. Thomas had missed meeting Rajiv during the show.
  • Helping Thomas: Rajiv later assisted Thomas when he derailed and got stuck in a mud puddle. Although Rajiv couldn't directly help, he was eager to earn an extra polish for his crown. An elephant eventually helped Thomas back on track, leading to a good laugh among friends.
  • Bollywood Film Appearance: Rajiv also had a part in an action film being filmed on the Indian Railway. He explained this to Thomas and Ashima, adding to the excitement of their adventures.
  • Basis: Rajiv is based on the Fairy Queen, a historic steam locomotive from India. The Fairy Queen is famous for being one of the oldest working steam engines in the world.
  • Unique Features: Rajiv's crown, vibrant colors, and connection to Indian culture make him a standout character in the Thomas & Friends universe.
In summary, Rajiv is a delightful and unique engine with a touch of royalty!

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