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Carlos Mexican Locomotive

Carlos: The Spirited Mexican Locomotive

Welcome to the vibrant world of Thomas & Friends, where steam engines come to life with unique personalities, colorful livery, and exciting adventures. Among the diverse cast of characters, let's shine a spotlight on Carlos, a spirited little engine hailing from the heart of Mexico.

Carlos has been a regular participant in the prestigious Great Railway Show, an annual event that brings together engines from all corners of the globe. With his cheerful demeanor, eye-catching appearance, and fascinating backstory, Carlos captures the imagination of fans young and old. So, climb aboard as we delve into the details of this remarkable locomotive!





Country of Origin:

Mexico (built in the United States)




Tender engine (steam locomotive)


Carlos is a small Mexican tender engine who has competed in the Great Railway Show every year since the event's inception. During the most recent show, he participated in the best-decorated parade.


Carlos is a proud and happy steam engine from the heart of Mexico. He always wears a smile and is the life and soul of the Great Railway Show.


Carlos is based on a Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (NdeM) GR-3 class 2-8-0 locomotive. The engine carrying his number, 903, was originally built in 1910 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. It was initially constructed for narrow gauge tracks and was used by the Veracruz Terminal Company and the Teziutlan Copper Company before being acquired by NdeM in 1945. The locomotive was re-gauged to standard gauge in 1950 and taken out of service in 1963. Currently, it is on display outside the José Cardoso Tellez Railway Museum in Acámbaro, Guanajuato, Mexico.


Carlos is painted in a vibrant green color with red and gold accents.

Best Friends:

While specific best friends are not mentioned, Carlos interacts with other engines during the Great Railway Show events.

Team Membership:

Carlos is part of the Great Railway Show and competes annually.

Other Team Members:

Some of the other engines he competes against include Yong Bao, Rajiv, James, and Emily.


Carlos has appeared in the Thomas & Friends movie titled "The Great Race".

Favorite Quotes:

Unfortunately, specific favorite quotes are not documented.


Carlos is modeled after the real-life NdeM GR-3 class locomotive.

Unique/Special Features:

His cheerful personality and participation in the best-decorated parade make him unique during the Great Railway Show.

Carlos brings a touch of Mexican flair to the railway world, and his presence adds excitement to the annual events!

Connections within the World of Thomas & Friends

Team Membership:

Carlos is indeed part of a team-the prestigious Great Railway Show. This annual event gathers engines from various countries, showcasing their skills, personalities, and unique features. Carlos represents Mexico with pride during these exciting competitions.

Other Mexican Train Characters:

While Carlos is the primary Mexican engine featured in the show, there are other Mexican characters who share the railway stage:

  • Frieda is another Mexican steam engine who also participates in the Great Railway Show. She is known for her vibrant purple livery and her friendly disposition. Frieda adds a touch of Mexican flair alongside Carlos.
  • Gustavo, a colorful Mexican narrow-gauge engine, operates on the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway. Although he doesn't directly participate in the Great Railway Show, his presence highlights the rich railway heritage of Mexico.
These Mexican locomotives contribute to the global camaraderie of engines, celebrating diversity and friendship across borders. So, whether it's Carlos, Frieda, or Gustavo, they all play a vital role in making the railway world an exciting and interconnected place!

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