James the Red Engine from Thomas & Friends


James the Red Engine

James the Red Engine is very proud of his shining brass dome and scarlet coat. He is a medium sized engine and he is the No. 5 red engine and likes to stay clean. James is a very useful engine who doesn't like to pull trucks, he prefers to pull coaches.

He is a powerful engine and is allowed to pull the Express when Gordon is not around. The only two engines who can pull the Express are James and Henry.

James is a member of the Steam Team, which includes Edward, Henry, Gordon, Toby, Percy, and Thomas.


James first appeared in 1946 and has his own song called James the Really Splendid Engine. He has two books dedicated to him, James the Red Engine and James and the Diesel Engines. He is model after a Hughes Class 28 superheated 2-6-0 tender engine.

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