Logan from Thomas & Friends


Logan vertical-boiler tank engine

Meet Logan, the unique vertical-boiler tank engine!

Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of Logan, the unique vertical-boiler tank engine from Thomas & Friends. Logan stands out among his peers with a striking appearance steamie resembling a diesel, adorned in deep blue and yellow livery with distinctive hazard stripes. Known for his rugged yet humble demeanor, Logan arrived on the Island of Sodor amidst the excitement of the Sodor Talent Show, briefly lending his shunting skills to the Crosby Coal Company. Despite not belonging to a specific team, Logan forges connections across the railway, earning praise from engines like Gordon for his diligent work ethic. Delve into Logan's story, inspired by the real-world Radstock Sentinel Shunter, and discover his enduring appeal through books and videos that showcase his resilience and dedication to the rails!

  • Identity and Role:
    • Logan is a steamie who looks like a diesel.
    • He's a rough, humble, and strong little shunter.
  • Appearance and Colors:
    • Logan is painted deep blue and yellow.
    • He has black hazard stripes on his bufferbeam.
    • His number, "7109," is painted in yellow on the blue half of his cab.
  • Origins and Work:
    • Logan arrived on the Island of Sodor on the day of the Sodor Talent Show.
    • He briefly worked at the Crosby Coal Company on Sodor.
    • His job was arranging trains for Edward and Gordon.
  • Best Friends and Teams:
    • While not part of a specific team, Logan interacts with various engines.
    • He had a friendly chat with Gordon, who praised his work ethic.
  • Movies and Appearances:
    • Logan appeared in the video "Welcome to the Island of Sodor Logan!" (2015) but did not speak.
    • He also featured in "A Friendly Farewell" (2015), again without speaking.
  • Model and Inspiration:
    • Logan is based on a Radstock Sentinel Shunter, used for shunting coal wagons.
    • His number, 7109, corresponds to the preserved Two-Engined Sentinel "Joyce."
  • Unique Traits:
    • Unlike his bases, Logan has a funnel in his illustrations and CGI model.
    • His hardworking nature and ability to learn from mistakes make him special.

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