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Phillip diesel boxcab engine

Meet Phillip, the little diesel boxcab engine!

Philip is a little diesel boxcab engine who brings a burst of energy and enthusiasm to the Island of Sodor. Known as the North Western Railway's number 68 engine, Philip is a bright green diesel shunter with yellow lining who first arrived at Knapford to assist with shunting duties. Despite his small size, Philip's big personality, eagerness to help, and cheerful disposition quickly endeared him to the other engines. He is especially close to Edward and Toby, often joining them in various adventures. Philip's innocence and tendency to overstate his abilities make him a lovable and unique character in the Thomas & Friends series.

All About Phillip

  • Number: Philip is the North Western Railway's number 68 engine.
  • Train Type: He is a diesel shunter.
  • Colors: Philip is green with yellow lining.
  • Origin: He came to Sodor as the new shunting engine at Knapford.
  • Best Friends: Philip is friends with Edward, Toby, and other engines.
  • Team Affiliation: He is part of the North Western Railway team.
  • Movies: Philip has appeared in various Thomas & Friends episodes, but there's no specific movie dedicated to him.
  • Quotes: Philip is known for his enthusiastic and sometimes overblown statements, like "Look how fast I am! You can't catch me!".
  • Model: He is based on the PRR Class A6 locomotive (modified).
  • Unique Traits: Philip's big personality, innocence, and eagerness make him unique among the engines.

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