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Sidney the diesel engine

Meet Sidney, the Forgetful Diesel Engine!

Sidney, the blue diesel shunter, is a charming and memorable character from the beloved "Thomas & Friends" series. Known for his forgetfulness, Sidney brings a unique blend of humor and heart to the stories set on the Island of Sodor. Despite his tendency to misplace his thoughts, Sidney's friendly nature and willingness to help make him an indispensable member of the Vicarstown Dieselworks team. His adventures alongside friends like Percy showcase the importance of teamwork and understanding, proving that even the most absent-minded engine can find their place on the rails.

Let's dive into the world of Sidney from "Thomas & Friends."

Name and Number

Sidney is a forgetful blue diesel engine. His number is not explicitly mentioned, but he is part of the BR Class 08.


Sidney is a diesel shunter, which means he's primarily used for moving freight cars around yards and sidings.


He's blue with yellow hazard stripes.


Sidney started life as a shunter on the Mainland but accidentally ended up on Sodor when he followed some diesels onto a steamship.

Best Friends

Sidney is good friends with Percy, another engine on Sodor.

Team Affiliation

Sidney is part of the Vicarstown Dieselworks team.

Other Team Members

His fellow Dieselworks teammates include Diesel, Den, and Dart.


Sidney has appeared in various episodes of the TV series, but there isn't a specific movie centered around him.

Favorite Quotes

While Sidney doesn't have any iconic quotes, he's known for being forgetful and sometimes gets himself into amusing situations.


Sidney is based on the British Railways (BR) Class 08 diesel shunter.

Unique Trait

His forgetfulness makes him stand out, and he's often affectionately called "Twinkle Toes" by Diesel 10.

Remember, Sidney might forget things, but he's still a valuable and friendly member of the Sodor railway!

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