Stafford from Thomas & Friends


Stafford electric shunting engine

Meet Stafford, the electric shunting engine!

Stafford, an electric shunting engine, brings efficiency and reliability to the bustling railway of the Island of Sodor in the beloved Thomas & Friends series. Painted in a striking dark blue with yellow lining, Stafford hails from the Mainland, where his electric-powered engine sets him apart from his steam and diesel counterparts. As a member of the Sodor Steamworks team, Stafford assists with shunting tasks and maintenance, forging strong bonds with engines like Thomas and Percy along the way. With his polite demeanor and willingness to lend a hand, Stafford embodies the spirit of teamwork and cooperation essential for the smooth operation of the railway.

All About Stafford

  • Type: He's an electric shunting engine.
  • Colors: Stafford is painted dark blue with yellow lining.
  • Origin: Stafford comes from the Mainland and was brought to Sodor to assist with shunting duties.
  • Best Friends: Stafford is friendly with all the engines on Sodor, but he shares a special bond with Thomas and Percy.
  • Team Affiliation: Stafford is part of the Sodor Steamworks team, where he helps with shunting tasks and maintenance.
  • Movies: Stafford has appeared in various episodes of Thomas & Friends but has not starred in any specific movies.
  • Favorite Quotes or Sayings: Stafford is known for his polite and helpful demeanor. He often says, "Right away, sir!" when given a task.
  • Model: Stafford is modeled after a real electric shunting engine used in industrial and railway yard settings.
  • Unique or Special Traits: Stafford's electric-powered engine makes him unique among the steam and diesel engines on Sodor. He is known for his efficiency and reliability in performing shunting duties, contributing to the smooth operation of the Sodor Steamworks.

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