Toy Train Repair and Thomas the Tank Engine


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Toy train repair can be a daunting and tricky task for some people. However, if you can handle a screwdriver and small plastic replacement part it's actually quite simple to perform a repair. Toy trains are amongst the most popular toys played with by children.

It is not uncommon for children to begin playing with toy trains as early as one to two years of age. In particular boys love their trains especially beginning with wooden toy trains and building toward toy trains that are motorized or battery-powered.

The most famous toy trains are that of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Thomas and Friends trains are made out three types of material including wood, metal and plastic. The plastic toy trains are the ones that may frequently break because of the moving motorized parts that are likely to wear out.

The Thomas train parts that become broken or stretched on these motorized trains and cars are called hook & eye couplings or couplers. These Thomas train replacement parts interchange with Tomy and Trackmaster trains and cars. It is these very simple plastic parts which easily allow the trains to connect and disconnect from one another with the twist of a finger.

Thomas Train Repair

1) Loosen and remove the screw from underneath the train or car. Typically there is a single screw but sometimes there may two located on the base on the train which is black.

2) Most screws are Phillips head style metal screws which require a Phillips head screwdriver common in most households. Once all of the screws have been removed place them in a small cup to avoid losing them. At this time the train should be able to be separated.

3) Proceed to separate the base from the top of the train by pulling the train apart. Hold the top of the train or car with one hand and with the other hand hold on to the base. Simply pull in opposite directions until the train separates into two pieces.

4) At this point you can remove the damaged or stretched hook & eye coupling or coupler.

5) Insert the replacement hook & eye coupling or coupler.

6) Rejoin the top of the train with the base of the train. Make sure they match up correctly otherwise they will not be flush with each other.

7) Insert the screw or screws back into the original position and tighten.

As you may imagine Thomas the Tank Engine trains and cars receive a lot wear and tear because children love to play with them. Inevitably these motorized or battery-powered toys will require some repair. Once the hook & eye coupling or couplers are damaged the trains will no longer connect to one another which take the fun away from connecting the engines and cars to begin with.

It is quite inexpensive to buy the replacement Tomy Trackmaster hook & eye couplings compared to the cost of replacing the entire toy. Don't let your Thomas trains remain broken! Follow the link below for picture guide and where to locate Thomas train parts.

For a picture repair guide and where to order Thomas train replacement parts.

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