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Frankie industrious diesel engine

Meet Frankie, a vibrant and industrious diesel engine!

Frankie is a vibrant and industrious diesel engine featured in the captivating realm of "Thomas & Friends." This spirited character can be found at the Steelworks on the Mainland, where she plays a pivotal role alongside Hurricane and Lexi. Frankie's dynamic personality is marked by her confident demeanor and efficient work ethic. Although she takes her responsibilities seriously, Frankie also enjoys engaging in friendly banter and demonstrating her mechanical prowess. Her striking appearance, coupled with her strong sense of camaraderie, makes Frankie a standout character in the series. Join Frankie and her fellow engines as they embark on thrilling adventures and showcase the power of teamwork in the world of "Thomas & Friends"!

  • Name and Gender: Frankie is a female diesel engine who works at the Steelworks on the Mainland.
  • Appearance and Colors: She is painted in a charming light turquoise color with a gold cowcatcher. Frankie's front windows have gold lining, and her side windows feature copper lining. Her main body has a weathered appearance due to rust.
  • Origin: Frankie operates at the Steelworks, where she plays an essential role in the industrial processes.
  • Personality: Frankie is both charming and intelligent. As a natural leader, she actively takes charge of operations at the Steelworks. She can be quite commanding when needed.
  • Best Friends: When Thomas arrived at the Steelworks, Frankie, along with Hurricane, patronized him to prevent him from leaving. They convinced Thomas to explore the Steelworks, and their singing made him excited about staying there. Frankie and Hurricane soon put Thomas to work, and they considered him their favorite new engine. Later, when Thomas wanted to go home, Frankie convinced him to stay and continue helping them out.
  • Team Membership: Frankie is part of the group at the Steelworks, working alongside Hurricane.
  • Movies: Frankie appeared in the movie "Journey Beyond Sodor" (2017). In this film, she played a significant role in the rescue mission to save James from the Steelworks.
  • Basis: Frankie is based on the MSC No. 4002 Arundel Castle, a diesel-mechanical locomotive built by Hudswell, Clarke & Co. Ltd. in 1958. Her configuration is 0-6-0DM, and she operates on standard gauge tracks.
  • Unique Features: Frankie's commanding personality and her role in the Steelworks make her stand out. She actively ensures the smooth functioning of the industrial processes, including handling molten slag and other tasks.
In summary, Frankie is a fascinating character with a blend of leadership, intelligence, and a touch of charm!

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