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Hurricane diesel engine

Meet Hurricane, a powerful and assertive diesel engine!

Hurricane is a powerful and assertive diesel engine who operates at the Steelworks on the Mainland. His striking appearance includes a vibrant turquoise color with gold accents, reflecting his robust and industrial role. Hurricane exudes confidence and leadership, often partnering with Frankie to manage operations efficiently. When Thomas encountered Hurricane at the Steelworks, Hurricane, along with Frankie, welcomed Thomas warmly and persuaded him to stay and assist with their tasks. Together with Frankie, Hurricane forms an integral part of the Steelworks team, ensuring that operations run smoothly and effectively. Hurricane's bold personality and dedication make him a memorable addition to the world of Thomas & Friends.

  • Name and Gender: Hurricane is a male tank engine.
  • Appearance and Colors: He is a very big tank engine painted in a striking light turquoise color. His front windows have gold lining, and his side windows feature copper lining. Hurricane's main body has a weathered appearance due to rust.
  • Origin and Affiliation: Hurricane works at the Steelworks on the Mainland alongside his close companion, Frankie.
  • Personality: Despite his name sounding like a storm, Hurricane is gentle, level-headed, and kind. He treats Thomas as a new friend from the start and is loyal to Frankie, following her lead and helping her realize her schemes.
  • Best Friends: When Thomas arrived at the Steelworks, he met Hurricane. They sang about the excitement of the Steelworks and convinced Thomas to stay. Hurricane and Frankie consider Thomas their favorite new engine.
  • Team Membership: Hurricane is part of the group at the Steelworks, working alongside Frankie.
  • Movies: Hurricane appeared in the movie "Journey Beyond Sodor" (2017), where he played a significant role in the rescue mission to save James from the Steelworks.
  • Basis: Hurricane is based on the GER Class A55 "Decapod" locomotive, built by James Holden in 1902. His configuration is 0-10-0WT (well tank engine), and he operates on standard gauge tracks.
  • Unique Features: Hurricane's strength provides extra muscle at the Steelworks. His loyalty to Frankie and his role in industrial operations make him stand out.
In summary, Hurricane is a remarkable tank engine with a blend of strength, loyalty, and kindness!

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