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Lexi experimental cab-forward engine

Meet Lexi, a female experimental cab-forward engine!

Lexi is a vibrant and adventurous character in the world of "Thomas & Friends." As an experimental cab-forward engine, Lexi stands out with her unique appearance painted in light turquoise with gold and copper accents. Working at the Steelworks on the Mainland, Lexi brings an eager and excitable personality to her role. Despite occasional doubts about her usefulness, Lexi is upbeat, cheery, and outgoing, always ready to assist her friends like Thomas and Merlin in daring adventures. With her cab-forward design and spirited nature, Lexi embodies the spirit of experimentation and curiosity, making her a captivating addition to the railway universe.

  • Name and Gender: Lexi is a female experimental cab-forward engine.
  • Appearance and Colors: She is painted in a light turquoise color with a gold cowcatcher. Her front windows have gold lining, and her side windows have copper lining. Lexi's main body is covered in rust, giving her a unique and weathered appearance.
  • Origin: Lexi works at the Steelworks on the Mainland.
  • Personality: Lexi is an eager and excitable engine. She takes pride in being experimental and 'cab-forward,' even though she sometimes doubts her usefulness. Lexi is upbeat, cheery, and outgoing. She enjoys experimenting with different voices and expressions to see what works best for her.
  • Best Friends: When Thomas traveled to the Mainland, he befriended the experimental engines: Lexi, Theo, and Merlin. Lexi, along with the other experimental engines, helped Thomas rescue James, who was trapped in the Steelworks. Thomas encouraged Lexi (along with Theo and Merlin) to stay with Frankie and Hurricane, making the Steelworks their new home.
  • Team Membership: Lexi is part of the group of experimental engines. Alongside Theo and Merlin, she assists Thomas and other friends in various adventures.
  • Movies: Lexi appeared in the movie "Journey Beyond Sodor" (2017), where she played a significant role in the rescue mission to save James from the Steelworks.
  • Basis: Lexi is based on the North Pacific Coast Railroad (NPCRR) Cab-Forward 4-4-0 No. 21, also known as "Thomas-Stetson." This innovative engine, built by Bill Thomas, was considered the first cab-forward engine and one of the first oil burners. Despite its unique features, it was unpopular with crews and earned the nickname "The Freak." Unfortunately, #21 was eventually scrapped in 1905.
  • Unique Features: Lexi's cab-forward design and oil-burning characteristics make her stand out. She embodies the spirit of experimentation and curiosity, even if she occasionally questions her own usefulness.
In summary, Lexi is a spirited and adventurous engine with a rich history and a distinctive appearance!

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