Marion from Thomas & Friends


Marion orange railway steam shovel

Meet Marion, the the orange railway steam shovel!

Marion, the lively orange railway steam shovel, adds vibrancy and industriousness to the Clay Pits on the North Western Railway. With her striking orange color, Marion stands out as she tirelessly digs and moves earth with her powerful shovel. Despite not having a specific engine number, Marion's cheerful demeanor and unique role as a steam shovel make her a memorable character in the world of Thomas & Friends. Let's delve into some fascinating details about this spirited member of the Sodor China Clay Company.

All About Marion

  • Gender: Female
  • Type: She's a steam shovel, not a train. Her job involves digging and moving earth.
  • Colors: Orange with a black cab and yellow wheels.
  • Origin: Marion was built in the United States.
  • Best Friends: She interacts with various engines, but Thomas enjoys hearing her stories.
  • Team: Marion is part of the Sodor China Clay Company.
  • Other Team Members: Bill, Ben, and Timothy work alongside her at the Clay Pits.
  • Movies: Marion appears in the TV series, but there are no standalone movies featuring her.
  • Favorite Quote: Marion enjoys playing "Guess What's in My Shovel," although the answer is usually mud, rock, or dirt.
  • Model: Marion is based on a real-life Marion Model 40 steam shovel.
  • Unique Feature: She once unearthed the skull of a Megalosaurus during her work!

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