Timothy from Thomas & Friends


Timothy the Oil-Burning Engine

Meet Timothy, the Cheerful Oil-Burning Engine!

Timothy the cheerful little oil-burner brings a unique spirit to the Island of Sodor. Originally from the United States, Timothy's infectious enthusiasm and "really useful" attitude make him a valuable asset at the Sodor China Clay Company. With his distinctive reddish-orange paint and open cab design, Timothy is a delight to both meet and work alongside. Dive deeper and discover the story of this special engine and his place on Sodor!

All About Timothy

  • Name: Timothy
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Timothy's a unique sight on Sodor with his saddle tank design and open cab. His cheerful personality is reflected in his bright reddish-orange paintwork.
  • Origin: Timothy originally hailed from the United States before finding his new home working alongside Bill, Ben, and Marion at the Sodor China Clay Company.
  • Personality: Friendly, helpful, and brimming with enthusiasm, Timothy embodies the spirit of "being really useful." He's always eager to lend a hand (or a wheel) wherever needed.
  • Best Friends: Working at the Sodor China Clay Company has forged strong bonds with Bill, Ben, and Marion. They're a great team and true companions.
  • Team Membership: Timothy is a proud member of the Sodor China Clay Company team, playing a vital role in their operations.
  • Movies: While starring in his own movie might be a dream, Timothy has made numerous appearances in various episodes of the "Thomas & Friends" TV series.
  • Unique Traits: Timothy stands out from the crowd on Sodor because of his oil-burning engine, a rarity compared to the island's usual coal-burning locomotives. His design is inspired by the real-life Bell Open Cab Oil Burner locomotive.

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