Rebecca from Thomas & Friends


Rebecca the steam locomotive

Meet Rebecca, the spirited steam locomotive!

Rebecca, engine number 22, is a spirited steam locomotive who brightens the rails of the Island of Sodor with her vibrant yellow paint and determined attitude. Originally hailing from the Mainland, she quickly found her place among the friendly engines of Sodor, forming close bonds with Thomas, Emily, and Nia. As a proud member of the Steam Team, Rebecca brings her can-do spirit and unwavering optimism to every adventure, inspiring her fellow engines with her willingness to tackle challenges head-on. With her distinctive appearance and indomitable spirit, Rebecca embodies the essence of courage and resilience, proving that with determination, anything is possible on the Island of Sodor.

All About Rebecca

  • Number: Rebecca is engine number 22.
  • Type of Train: Rebecca is a steam engine.
  • Colors: She is painted bright yellow with red lining and gold detailing.
  • Origin: Rebecca is originally from the Mainland, which is the fictional equivalent of England in the Thomas & Friends universe.
  • Part of a Team: Rebecca is part of the Steam Team, the main group of engines on the Island of Sodor. Other members include Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Emily, and Nia.
  • Movies: Rebecca has appeared in various Thomas & Friends movies and specials, including "Big World! Big Adventures!" and "The Great Race."
  • Model: Rebecca's design is based on a real-life steam locomotive, but she is a unique character created for the Thomas & Friends series.
  • Unique Attributes: Rebecca stands out for her bright yellow color and her can-do attitude. She is known for her willingness to try new things and her determination to succeed, even when faced with challenges.
Overall, Rebecca brings a sense of positivity and adventure to the world of Thomas & Friends, inspiring viewers with her courage and resilience.

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