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Your Guide to the Island of Sodor's Engines

"So What's Your Favorite of all the Thomas the Tank Engine Characters?"

"Favorite Thomas the Train Character?" That's a question children are asked a lot. See how many Thomas & Friends Characters there are to collect and they can all be found here!

It's amazing how Thomas train characters are easily recognized by children from all over the world.

This website is a growing resource of information and images for children, parents, family and friends wishing to learn to identify all of the Thomas Tank Engine Characters.

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Adam with Thomas and Friends

Thomas Train Characters teach children lessons in friendship and playing fairly.

Children also benefit from memorizing all of the characters names because they have fun doing it. They also expand their vocabularies and improve pronouncing words while playing with their Thomas & Friends trains and trucks.

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Complete List of Thomas & Friends Characters (with Descriptions!)

Adam with engines from the Island of Sodor

Whether you're a lifelong Thomas fan or just starting your Sodor Island journey, this guide is your one-stop shop for everything Thomas & Friends characters! Dive into their unique personalities, explore their iconic engines, and discover the perfect way to bring them home with our descriptions and toy recommendations.


Table of Contents

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas is a cheeky little engine and tries very hard to be very useful.

Percy the Small Engine
Percy is the No. 6 on his bunker and is the smallest and youngest of the steam engines.

Gordon the Big Express Engine
Gordon typically is the first choice for pulling special engines.

Henry the Green Engine
Henry is based on the on a Stainer 4-6-0 Class 5 engine and he is the No.3 green engine on the Island of Sodor.

James the Red Engine
James is a very useful engine who doesn't like to pull trucks, he prefers to pull coaches.

Edward the Blue Engine
Edward shares a branch line with BoCo, a diesel engine.

Toby the Tram Engine
He is a happy all the time and can be found working on the Quarry line with Henrietta.

Emily the Steam Engine
Emily is modeled after the Stirling 4-2-2 of the Great Northern Railway.

Misty Island Rescue Movie
Thomas meets the logging locos Bash, Dash and Ferdinand on Misty Island. There's lots of new adventures in this new movie.

Toy Train Repair and Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas train repair a simple guide to repairing Thomas the Train Tomy and Trackmaster trains and cars. Learn how to replace those broken or stretched Hook & Eye Couplings and where to find Thomas train replacement parts.

Thomas Wooden Railway Belle
Brave Belle is one of the newest additions to the Search and Rescue Team. She appears in the movie Day of the Diesels, and is available as a stand alone engine LC98127 or Belle to the Rescue Set by Learning Curve. Belle is the only female fire fighter on Sodor!

Daisy Thomas Wooden Railway LC99044
Daisy the diesel wooden engines are retired. She is highly collectible and worth the addition to any Thomas collection and she looks somewhat similar to BoCo from the side. Its a shame they never made the Daisy wooden train in Trackmaster or TOMY battery operated versions.

Thomas Wooden Railway Boco train
Thomas wooden railway Boco trains are becoming harder to find. These trains are retired and are worth the investment. Boco and Daisy are colored in a similar green color, get both!